Our Fire Rated shutters can offer up to as much as 240 minutes of fire resistance. Fire rated shutters can be automatically operated in case of fire - maximising their effectiveness and protection.

Shutter Type

Electric, push button operation as standard. Other release mechanism options are available on request.

Maximum Size

7m wide x 7m high (approximately 23ft x 23ft).


Standard 20 swg – 3″ curved traditional galvanised lath. 1.6mm thick galvanised T – Section bottom rail. Weight bars are added to shutters below 6.5 square metres.


Standard 5″ diameter tube, unsprung barrel, 25mm shaft, Steel bearing blocks, sealed for life bearings. Complete with platewheel for drive system.


Endplates 6mm thick, Angels 75 x 50 x 6, 2 1/2″ heavy duty galvanised guide.


Slotted fire hood & cover made from 20 swg galvanised material.


Inboard fire door motor – single phase (240v) or 3 phrase (415v). In built safety gearbox (controlled gravity descent). Optional fusible link (heat activation), solenoid (manual reset – see options below) platewheel & sprocket drive system, normally 1/2″ x 5/16″ pitch.

Electrical Requirements

  • Single Phase – 13 amp Fused Spur / Isolator
  • Three Phase – 16 amp Three Phase & Neutral Isolator
  • Supply required within 1 metre of motor side
Fire Rated Shutters Industrial Doors West Midlands

Release Mechanism Options

Option One – Fusible Link

Activated via heat from local fire activation temperature normally 72 degrees centigrade.

Option Two – Auto reset solenoid release

Activated upon receipt of signal from fire alarm / smoke detector. Auto reset via “open” push button, once alarm signal is stopped.

Option Three – Fire door interface panels & repeaters

Activated upon receipt of signal from fire alarm / smoke detector. A time delay can be programmed in to the F.D.I. panel, where by the signal will be held from the shutter until the programmed time has elapsed. During the time delay the F.D.I. panel will flash “Fire Door Closing”, simultaneously an audible alarm will sound. Once the time has elapsed, the signal will then be sent to the solenoid, allowing the shutter to close under the controlled descent.


Signal type required – 24 Volt D.C (minimum 0.5 amps, non polarised). A booster panel can be provided if the alarm system cannot provide correct signal, this unit is not included as standard.

Weight: 35 KG’s per square metre

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