The perfect solution for high traffic areas where heat loss is a primary concern.

High Speed Doors

Our High Speed Doors provide an energy saving solution for high traffic areas. The doors are able to resist winds of over 60mph and wind loads of up to class 5. The single phase opening drive has an opening speed of 1s variable to 2.5s.

High Speed Insulated Doors

High Speed Insulated Doors offer a higher degree of security when installed at a perimeter opening.

Our High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter Door operates at speeds of 800mm/s to 1,000mm/s. The door opens almost instantly, and it closes automatically once the opening is clear.

Our High Speed Insulated Doors have an overall insulation value of 4.8W/m²K.

The 110mm deep ribbed face panels are available in a range of standard RAL and BS colours. Glazed vision panels are available as a specified extra.

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The door meets the requirements of BS EN 12604:2000 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Mechanical aspects – Requirements; BS EN 12453:2001 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – Safety in use of power operated doors – Requirements and BS EN12978:2003 Industrial, commercial and garage doors – Safety devices for power operated doors and gates – Requirements and test methods, and is CE marked when fully installed.

The Fold-Action model is available up to 12m wide x 12m high and the Roll-Action model is more suited to applications in areas of limited space. It can be installed quickly with minimal of site disruption.

The following methods can be used individually or in combination: Induction Floor Loops; Photoelectric Cells; Radar; Handheld or Vehicle Mounted Transmitters; Push Button (Single, Double or Mushroom) and Pull Cord. Where pedestrian access is required or unavoidable please contact us for advice on stand-off sensing devices or alternative methods of protection.

The frame is self supporting 2.5mm mill galvanized steel. An optional extra of ten standard colours are available plus the option for you to specify your own bespoke BS or RAL colour. The curtain assemblies constructed of mechanically welded 4.0mm steel. The frame is fixed directly to the wall and can be fixed to the floor.

Reliable operation is provided by the single phase inverter drive with brake. Delivering a 1m/s standard opening speed (variable up to 2.5m/s) and 0.5m/s closing speed. The delay before closing can be varied to suit your specific requirements. Power is 0.37 to 0.55kW, 230v [inverter drive] and a 400v three phase with IP55 protection is an additional option. A safety brake engages in case of power failure.

The uprights are sealed by a double row of side brushes. This reduces play between the curtain and the guide and provides an excellent sound barrier. A flexible bottom apron provides adapts to provide the best possible seal to uneven floor surfaces.

The fabric is a multi-layered high frequency welded PVC and polyester 900g/m² screen, anti UV and saline solution treated, ensuring very high tear resistance and long life. The fabric is available in a choice of ten standard colours plus the option for you to specify your own bespoke BS or RAL colour. The Fold-Action curtain rigidity is maintained by steel stiffeners fitted in watertight sleeves. Vision panels are available as customer specified options. The curtain has a self repairing zip system (Roll-Action model) designed to absorb vehicle impacts without incurring damage. Customer branding can be written to the curtain if required as a specified extra..

Jamb-mounted dual safety electrosensitive photocells constantly monitor to ensure safe operation. This prevents the curtain closing if a person or an obstruction is within the opening area. Should the safety beam be broken during the closing cycle the curtain will be automatically fully raised. Flashing warning lights are available as an optional extra.

Standard colours for the frame and curtain are White, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Cream, Yellow, Dark Green, Grey, Orange, Brown, Red and Black. The option for you to specify your own bespoke BS or RAL colour is available as an extra.

All parts and warranted free from manufacturer’s defects for a period of twelve months from the commissioning date. The warranty also covers call out charges and fitting charges for replacement parts supplied under the warranty. The warranty does not cover repairs caused by accidental damage or misuse, fair wear and tear or any loss of use while replacement parts are being supplied or fitted.

Optional Extras

Site Installation

Where we are contracted to supply, deliver and install the shutter unit, this on the basis that the opening is complete to agreed detail and is clear and safe to allow installation to proceed in keeping with the safety policy. The client to provide a suitable power supply for hand tools to effect on site drilling. We do not allow for any builders work or modifications to the structure.

Powder Coat Finishes

Powder coat finishes to shutter components in standard RAL or BS Standard colours are available, also special colours if samples are aprovided for us to analyse.

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