Dock Levellers With Hinged Lip or Telescopic Lip.

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Our dock levellers provide the perfect solution for precisely compensating the differences in height between various lorry floors and loading ramps. Dock levellers allow the load to be transferred from the lorry/trailer in a single, efficient horizontal movement.

A sturdy steel construction with anti-twist platform easily compensates for lorry tilting, compensating even if the load is not distributed evenly.

Robust hydraulics from 2 lifting cylinders and a cylinder for the lip provide reliability for any situation. They are easy to operate and, above all safe. Our dock levellers are equipped with automatic emergency stop valves in the lifting cylinders. They secure the dock leveller immediately. This is important, for example, if a lorry drives away while a load is still on the platform.

For every loading situation, we offer the right solution for efficient loading and unloading.

Features & Benefits of Doortek Dock Levellers

Robustly Engineered

The door meets the requirements of BS EN 12604:2000 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Mechanical aspects – Requirements; BS EN 12453:2001 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates – Safety in use of power operated doors – Requirements and BS EN12978:2003 Industrial, commercial and garage doors – Safety devices for power operated doors and gates – Requirements and test methods, and is CE marked when fully installed.

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Energy Efficient Loading Houses

The dock leveller fits directly in front of the building with a loading house, allowing the building opening to be sealed efficiently with an industrial door. As early as the quotation phase, we are able to provide model statistics defining the maximum wind and snow loads for  loading houses. Any unevenness in the door can easily be compensated for using adjustable feet.

Energy Efficient Loading Houses Industrial Doors UK

Flexible Dock Seals & Shelters

Dock seals and shelters are particularly efficient when they are optimally adapted to the docking vehicles and the loading situation. Robust push-in flap dock shelters with different frame constructions prevent them from being damaged during docking. Inflatable dock seals adjust to different vehicle dimensions. Roll-up flaps compensate for even larger differences in vehicle heights. Dock seals and shelters with telescopic link arms or rising roof constructions are recommended to compensate for vehicle movements or when placing interchangeable containers.

Flexible Dock Seals Shelters Industrial Doors West Midlands

Compatible Control Systems

From development to production, all Doortek door and dock leveller controls come from the same source, making them optimally matched to each other. As a result, you benefit from a uniform operating concept with standardised housing sizes and the same cable sets for dock levellers and door controls.

Industrial Doors Dock Levellers

Optional Extras

Site Installation

Where we are contracted to supply, deliver and install the shutter unit, this on the basis that the opening is complete to agreed detail and is clear and safe to allow installation to proceed in keeping with the safety policy. The client to provide a suitable power supply for hand tools to effect on site drilling. We do not allow for any builders work or modifications to the structure.

Powder Coat Finishes

Powder coat finishes to shutter components in standard RAL or BS Standard colours are available, also special colours if samples are aprovided for us to analyse.

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